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We know weaning can get a little messy at times but that's half the fun! Every little taste, splat, munch + slurp is a success, no matter how big or small! Take a seat in Show + Tell, as mums + dads share top weaning tips, wisdom + stories from their own little one's weaning journeys!

Top tip

Let mealtimes be messy and fun! Always remember that bad moments don't make bad mums!

Gemma | Yorkshire

Top tip

Have your camera at the ready to capture those messy, sticky memories! Funny faces when tasting something new… it’s all part of the journey!

Amanda, mum of 2

Top tip

Weaning can be tiring for both mama and baby but hang on in there and don't eat all the baby’s snacks!

Yvonne, London

Top tip

Weaning is a great opportunity for us as parents to bond with our little ones and is the start of a fun new adventure!

Gemma, mum of 4

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