Finger food ideas from 7-9 months!


Claire Baseley,
nutritionist at Ella’s Kitchen

At 7 months, once little ones have got to grips with grabbing food, the next challenge is for them to get different shaped foods into their mouths!

Little ones can hold a stick-like object + start to control it better, learning how to feed themselves. Also, their little gums are starting to toughen up, so you can try offering soft foods with more texture too.

Finger food ideas from 7 months

Finger foods 7 months

Why not try offering lots of scrummy finger foods like:

  • Squishy avocado slices (cut longways) – leave the skin on one side so it’s easier to grip
  • Kiwi and strawberry slices (lengthways)
  • Strawberries (quartered lengthways)
  • Toast or pitta bread fingers with cream cheese or hummus spread
  • Pasta pieces like well-cooked penne with a scrummy squishy tomato sauce

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Finger foods 7 9 months rice cakes

Finger food ideas from 9 months

Finger foods 9 months

From 9 months, little ones are learning to pick up flatter finger foods with more control. Why not get your little one to try dipping + munching these finger foods with brightly coloured, tasty dips, like green guacamole or red salsa.

Finger foods to try

  • ucumber fingers or slices
  • Oatcakes or melty crackers with hummus
  • Cheese sticks or slices (not too thin)
  • Wedges of hard boiled egg
  • Yummy dips like Marvellous Minty Pea + Avocado Dip (take a peek in the yummy kitchen for dippy recipes)

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