Finger food ideas for 10 months+!


Claire Baseley,
nutritionist at Ella’s Kitchen

By 10 months little fingers will have started to master their pincer grip so that they can pick up smaller pieces of food.

Make sure that smaller foods are super soft so they’re not a choking risk. Larger finger foods can also be a little firmer, especially if little teeth are coming through e.g. firmer cooked veg.

Finger foods 10 months

Scrummy finger foods to try from 10 months

Why not try:

  • Chopped + halved raspberries or blueberries
  • Small cubes of cheese
  • Strips of well-cooked omelette
  • Peas (best in a thick sauce)
  • Cubes of cooked carrot or swede
  • Chopped falafel or meatballs
  • Slices of well-cooked new potatoes

Why not try our Ella’s Kitchen Mini Puffs + Puff Pops

Finger foods 10 months mini puffsss
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